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Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

Gets Dollar In A Few Minutes of whaff

Do you want to earn dollars through your android phone in just a few minutes. You will get through whaff. Do you already know whaff?

Perhaps, you are there who do not know about whaff and how to get dollars through the HP Android using whaff! If not you can read here. After you read and follow the tutor of that link, do not forget to install apk whaff and Invite pin AZ52090 order to get a bonus of $ 0.3 directly Ok, then we will learn how to optimize revenue in whaff.

How to Optimize Revenue in whaff Android:
1. You have to install HP whaff in your android. applications can be installed via google play.
2. The first thing that must be done to maximize revenue from whaff is by clicking install all the applications offered by whaff in the Premium Pick. Because Premium Pick is the most rapid and fairly high dollar commissions $ 0.2 to $ 0.3. There is also an additional reward when you open the app every day for at least an additional 1 minute and again if my friend does not uninstall the application.

3. Then move to the whaff Pick (just slide to the right) there are also available offerings from whaff to get dollars. One of them is, invite to share and earn that invite your Facebook friends to join whaff. It can do every day and the dollar will flow into your whaff account. In addition there whaff Facebook Like, Rate whaff and google plus whaff. It will all add to your dollar acquisition.

4. Subsequently moved to the Other Pick (slide right again) there are available the bids of whaff the form: METAPS, RADIUM ONE, and SupersonicAds. In the pick of the commission obtained from whaff in the form of points and will automatically accumulated to the dollar by whaff. I optimize the advice of SupersonicAds section. Bids in pick form part of the application Install, see video, online surveys and also a list of sites.

5. Promote whaff Code Invite your friend to the friend's apartment in order to sign up using the invite code you whaff, each have the invite code, it will equally get $ 0.3. Invite pin AZ52090.

That's five most powerful way to maximize revenue from whaff. With perseverance and always try there must be results, namely revenue whaff your dollar will continue to rise. Hopefully the article How To Maximize Revenue Dollars in Android whaff be beneficial.

Dapat Dollar Langsung Dalam Beberapa Menit dari Whaff

Apakah anda ingin mendapatkan dolar melalu ponsel android anda hanya dalam beberapa menit saja. Anda akan mendapatkannya melalui Whaff. Apakah anda sudah mengenal Whaff?

Mungkin, Anda ada yang belum tahu tentang Whaff dan cara mendapatkan dollar melalui HP Android menggunakan Whaff! Jika belum anda bisa baca disini. Sesudah anda baca dan ikuti tutor dari link tadi, Jangan lupa instal apk Whaff dan Invite pin AZ52090 agar mendapatkan bonus $0,3 langsung Ok, selanjutnya kita akan mempelajari cara optimalkan pendapatan di WHAFF.

Cara Mengoptimalkan Pendapatan di Whaff Android:

1. Anda harus melakukan instalasi Whaff di HP android anda. aplikasi dapat di install melalui google play.

2. Hal yang pertama harus dilakukan untuk memaksimal pendapatan dari Whaff adalah dengan meng instal semua Aplikasi yang ditawarkan oleh Whaff di bagian Premium Pick. Karena Premium Pick adalah bagian yang paling cepat dan komisinya dollarnya cukup tinggi $0,2 sampai $0,3. Ada reward tambahan juga apabila anda buka aplikasi tersebut setiap hari minimal 1 menit dan tambahan lagi apabila sobat tidak uninstal aplikasi tersebut.

3. Lalu pindah ke bagian Whaff Pick (tinggal geser ke kanan) disitu juga tersedia penawaran-penawaran dari Whaff untuk mendapatkan dollar. Salah satunya yaitu, invite to share and earn yaitu mengajak teman facebook anda untuk bergabung ke Whaff. Ini bisa anda lakukan setiap hari dan dollar akan mengalir ke akun Whaff anda. Selain itu ada Like Facebook Whaff, Rate Whaff dan google plus Whaff. Itu semua akan menambah perolehan dollar anda.

4. Selanjutnya pindah ke bagian Other Pick (geser kanan lagi) disitu tersedia tawaran-tawaran dari Whaff yaitu berupa: METAPS, RADIUM ONE, dan SupersonicAds. Di dalam other pick komisi diperoleh dari Whaff dalam bentuk point dan akan secara otomatis diakumulasikan ke dollar oleh Whaff. Saran dari saya optimalkan pada bagian SupersonicAds. Tawaran dalam bagian other pick berupa Instal aplikasi, lihat video, survey online dan juga daftar situs.

 5. Promosikan Invite Kode Whaff Anda ke temen-temen sobat agar mendaftar menggunakan invite kode Whaff anda, setiap ada yang invite kode, maka akan sama-sama mendapatkan 0,3$. Invite pin AZ52090.

Itulah 5 cara paling ampuh untuk memaksimalkan pendapatan dari Whaff. Dengan ketekunan dan selalu berusaha pasti ada hasilnya, yaitu pendapatan dollar anda di Whaff akan terus meningkat. Semoga artikel Cara Memaksimalkan Pendapatan Dollar di WHAFF Android menjadi bermanfaat.

Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

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Selasa, 05 Agustus 2008

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Jumat, 04 Juli 2008

How To Start An Internet Business – The Sixth Step

Okay, your site is up and published. The question now becomes, “How do I get traffic to the site?” To obtain immediate traffic, you can use a pay-per-click campaign, but the real focus should be on search engine optimization. SEO is a better long-term solution because it produces free traffic, which maximizes profit potential. Linking is a key aspect to achieving top rankings in search engines.

Link Popularity
Link popularity is one of the key factors search engines use in determining where to place sites in search results. Generally, the more links pointing to your site, the more "popular" your site is. The more popular, the higher the site appears in search results.

Obtaining Links
To build links, you can hire a seo firm such as Marketing Titan. If you prefer to have a go at it yourself, always keep in mind you should only trade links with sites that are relevant to the subject of yours. A real estate site should not trade links with a casino site.

The first link building method involves reciprocal link exchanges. Essentially, you agree to post a link on your site if the other party does the same for you. Make sure you check back with the site each month to verify your link is still on their site.

The second way to build links is to submit to directories. Directories are looking to build content by listing relevant sites in categories. Simply search for “directories + your site subject” and start submitting. Read the submission rules closely, as they may want a reciprocal link on your site.

Publishing articles is an excellent alternative to trading links. There are loads of sites looking for article content. Simply search for “your subject article + submit” and a list should appear. When you create the articles, make sure to include a byline with a link to your site. When other sites publish the article, the byline will count as a link to your site. Make absolutely sure that you read each sites article submission guidelines. They often have very specific requirements.

Checking Links
So, how do you determine how many links point to a site? You can type a link qualifier into each major search engine. Following is an example for




Keep in mind the Internet is huge and it will take a few weeks for the search engines to find the links. Also, Google typically will only show links from sites that it considers particularly relevant. Don’t get concerned if Yahoo shows 200 links, but Google only shows 30.

As the number of links grows, your site will start moving up the listings. Your site will typically move up first on MSN, then Yahoo and finally Google. Although the process can be frustratingly slow, it will pay off when free traffic starts to hit the site.

That’s it. Your site is up, running and ready to move up the listings. If you followed each step outlined in these articles, you are way ahead of competitors. Let the good times roll.


How To Start An Internet Business – The Fifth Step

Okay, you have a domain name, layout and content. Now we get to a step that will go a long way to determining how the site will rank. Yes, we are going to focus on two infamous topics, meta tags and keyword density.

Meta Tags
Meta tags are html code blocks that “tell” a search engine what is on a particular site page. Meta tags are not visible on the pages of your site, but search engine robots focus on them. Three different meta tags should appear on each page of your site.

Meta Title
The meta title essentially acts as the title of the page. When you do a search on Google, the meta title is the first underlined text in each listing. The content of the meta title should include the keywords you want to push with the most important being listed first. Each word should be included no more than 2 times and the total word count should not exceed 13 words.

Meta Description
The meta description tag allows for an expansion of the meta title. Use short sentences to emphasize the who, what, why and where of your business. Make absolute sure that every keyword in your title also appears in your description.
One of the aggravating things about search engines is how they use meta descriptions. Most pick only certain sections of your description. When your link appears in the search results, the description may make little if any sense. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it.

Meta Keywords
Historically, meta keywords were a very important factor in the ranking process. How times have changed. Google doesn’t even look at them, while MSN and Yahoo give them marginal value. You should still use them, if for no other reason then forcing you to focus on your keyword phrases when creating content.

Keyword Density
Keyword density simply refers to how often keywords appear in a page as a percentage of the total text. A few years back, it was common practice to cram and hide keywords all over a page. You probably remember seeing pages with thousands of keywords listed at the very bottom. This no longer works and is considered spamming by search engines.

Much like the meaning of life, the best keyword density percentage is a hotly debated topic. Theories and opinions ranged from 1.5 to as high as 20 percent. We recently ran a test with a page that only had a keyword phrase on it, thus representing a 100% keyword density. The only search engine that reacted was Yahoo, which listed it at number 1 for 25 days before dropping it. Notwithstanding this test, the simple fact is that nobody really knows the optimal density, except for programmers at the search engines. Rumor has it that the programmers are permanently hidden in secret labs in the Himalayas, so there isn’t much hope of getting any information from them.

Our experience is keyword density really doesn’t matter if you have flowing text on the page. The point of your site is to sell, so write copy that accomplishes that goal. Once you have completed the copy, modify it to make sure the important keywords appear at least once in the first paragraph. Do not force the keywords into sentences; just make sure they appear at least once. We have clients with number 1 rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN that have keyword densities ranging from .5 to 18.5 percent. Yes, these rankings are on keywords with lots of competition and traffic.

In Closing
In my opinion, meta tags and keyword density are mystified far too much. They are important factors, but the content on your pages is far more so. Be judicious with your content, pursue a targeted linking campaign and the rankings will follow.

How To Start An Internet Business – The Fourth Step

This step of how to start an Internet business involves the layout of your site. When organizing it, two audiences must be considered. Obviously, visitors to the site are the first audience. You must also keep in mind the second audience, search engine robots. Both audiences are extremely important and, fortunately, both want the same thing.

Lean, Mean, Fighting Layout
Your site needs to be clean and quick if you want to be successful. Slow, cluttered sites inevitably fail because visitors and spiders get distracted and leave before taking the action you want. Let’s take a closer look.

The layout of your site should allow visitors to quickly find information and solutions. To achieve this, every page should be no more than two clicks from the home page. Have you ever been on a site where you have to hunt to find a particular page? Poor layouts are aggravating and hurt conversion rates.

Make things as easy as possible by interlinking between the site pages. Every page should have links to primary pages and as many other pages as possible. If you look at Marketing Titan, links to primary pages are listed across the top and bottom of each page. Links to specific services are always listed on the left hand side. You can easily negotiate the pages of the site. It may look like overkill, but make it as easy as possible for your clients to move around.

Search engines use programs called “spiders” to surf the net and index sites. When a spider finds a page, it reads the code from top to bottom and left to right. If the code is clean, the spider will index the page and follow the links to the other pages of the site.
If the code is not clean, spiders stop indexing pages. If pages are not indexed, they do not appear in search engine results. What stops spiders? Following are the most common problems:

1. Frames – Don’t use them.

2. Dynamic Pages – Your pages need to be static. If they are dynamic, the spiders often will not index them because they aren’t sure of the content.

3. Bottlenecks – Make sure each page of your site links to every primary page at a minimum. You do not want a spider to get stuck on a page and miss key pages.

4. Bad URLs – A huge mistake is to put database parameters in the URL. The URL should contain only the domain name and keywords for the page. A good URL reads: A bad URL with parameters would read:

5. Images – Don’t overuse images and don’t put text in images. Images slow down your site, so make them small and optimized. Robots do not read text inside of images, thus text needs to go outside of the images.

Evaluating The Layout
Once the site is designed, TEST IT! Surf the pages and see if you are able to flow through the site. Add internal links wherever possible. Finally, test the load times of your site on a 56k dial-up modem. If the site loads in under 20 seconds, you are headed in the correct direction.
Your site layout is important. Make sure it caters to the needs of the visitors, whether human or spider.